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Capita Scott Stevens Pro Snowboard

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Flex Medium

Snowboard Terrain Park and Pipe

This rider will find their way to the Freestyle side of the mountain. Playful with lots of response.

Snowboard Shape Twin

This particular shape allows the rider to ride switch or regular. The nose and tail of the board have the same shape.


We all know Scott Stevens is out of his mind when it comes to boarding madness. Skateboarding madness, tramp madness and definitely snowboarding madness—the dude has a unique ability to constantly blow minds.
For his 2018 Pro Model graphic, the concept of him being "out of his head" in the best of possible ways is signified by a simple skull on the top sheet embellished with the classic CAPiTA Merchant Of Death x ULTRAFEAR party shades.

On the base, you can see ol' Sleepy himself bouncing from a trampoline on Earth only to get blasted into outer space where the only reasonable things to do are eat candy, drink Awesome Sauce, and get wicked. 


Often imitated but never duplicated, Scott Steven’s riding and personal style is without compare. As a master innovator and industry leader in new tricks, he has set himself apart in the snowboarding game. This extremely durable, versatile, twin-tip park destroyer is exactly what Scott uses to get wild. With a shape that turns on a dime, this board was made to jib, bonk, slide, shred, ride, slap, and pop off of anything. New for 2018 are four 30 mm 2-Ply Basalt Boosters that accelerates reaction time while keeping things underfoot feeling damp and predictable.