Rome Mod Snowboard - Men's

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Rome Snowboards

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Snowboard Terrain All Mountain

Explores all obstacles across the mountain, enjoying anything coming across them on the hill.

Flex Stiff

Rider likes to really take charge when hitting the hill. This rider will have the support they need to handle high speeds.

Snowboard Shape Twin

This particular shape allows the rider to ride switch or regular. The nose and tail of the board have the same shape.

Rocker Profile Camber

The most response with true pop in and out of a turn with the most edge control.

Rome Mod

Stale's Board Of Choice, Any Quations?

For the rider who wants a deck that packs explosive power to hammer turns, ollie small villages, charge jumps lines and slay backcountry spines. This design is dialed for big technical lines that lead right to the park for effortless spins and epic gaps. Hell, if Stale trusts the Mod to stomp double corks and slay Niseko pow, why shouldn't you?

Shape: True Twin
Camber: Stay Positive: World-renowned pop and agility for riders who want response and stomp

Technology For Pop, Strength And Feel:

- Turborods-Carbon Reverse Radial V: Carbon rods inside sleeves are milled into the core of the board and anchored only at the end closer to the inserts. The free-floating ends arc towards the centerline for maximum ollie pop without torsional stiffness.
- Z-Tech 1.0: A 1-inch wide strip of Zylon that runs down the centerline of the board for maximum responsiveness and dampening.

More Tech:

- AirPop Core Matrix
- SuperlightBiax Laminate
- SinterCarbon Base