Burton Malavita EST Bindings - Men's

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Flex Medium

Cant Yes

Malavita EST


This team favorite blends Burton’s top technologies with a mid-range flex that’s 100% freestyle-focused.
A pro favorite season after season, the Malavita binding has carved out a reputation for it’s ability to destroy
everything that gets in its way. Features like the Heel Hammock, Supergrip Capstrap, and Asym
Hammockstrap wrap response around the boot for a seamless fit and ultimate comfort. Offered in two
versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex or pair the EST model (which features the
fluid mobility of The Hinge) with a board featuring The Channel mounting system for the ultimate in flex, feel,

and adjustability. Winged hi-backs on the Black / White Wing colorway make for easier tweaks and presses.


*BASEPLATE: Dual-Component EST Featuring The Hinge with 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite
Spar and 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite Lower
*HI-BACK: Canted Living Hinge Zero-Lean Hi-Back with Heel Hammock and DialFLAD
*Hi-Back Wing [Black/White Wing Colorway Only]
*STRAPS: Asym Hammockstrap with Flex Slider and Supergrip Capstrap
*BUCKLES: Double Take Buckles Featuring Insta-Click
*CUSHIONING: AutoCANT SensoryBED Cushioning System with B3 Gel
*Features Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste
*Rides Exclusively with Boards Featuring The Channel