DryGuy Thermanator Silent Boot and Shoe Dryer

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DryGuy Thermanator Silent Boot and Shoe Dryer
Ski Boot Dryer / Snowboard Boot Dryer / Winter Snow Boot Dryer
Model - DG2

Designed with a silent radiant heating system and able to accommodate four or eight shoes or boots that can be rapidly loaded or unloaded for perfect mud room operations. The Thermanator™ provides a modular drying system with three mounting options (wall, floor, and free standing hardware) that can organize any condo, shop or cabin allowing for a drying system from 2 to 200 pairs of shoes or boots. Available in 2 or 4 pair model.


+ Silent Radiant Heating
+ Includes 3 Mounting Options
+ No Moving Parts
+ Energy Efficient: 7.5 Watts Per Boot
+ On/Off Switch
+ Available as a Two Pair or Four Pair Model
+ Model - DG2
+ Power - 120v AC Household Outlet
+ Controls - On/Off
+ Dimensions - DG2 - 6" D x 18" H x 26.5" W (When Stand Mounted)
+ Dimensions - DG2+2 - 6" D x 18" H x53.5" W (When Stand Mounted)
+ Weight - 8 lbs.
+ Material - White Glossed Enameled Steel
+ Manuf Warranty - One Year