Stance Katsu Sock

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Stance Socks

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If you view each pint of plasma you donate as a payment toward a season pass, it's time you met our acrylic socks. These babies will keep you warm, dry, and looking good - even with a dirtbag budget.

+ Ankle and Arch Elastic Support
+ Y Gore Seam - The Y Gore Seam provides the hold of a bear hug, minus the claw marks. This specifically designed seam creates a deeper heel pocket to better hold your foot in place. Thanks to Y Gore, you can say goodbye to sock slip.
+ Smooth Flat Seamless Toe Closure
+ Instep Flex Panel - When riding, your feet are always moving. Our instep flex panel adapts to these movements in order to eliminate lumpy socks.
+ Left and Right Specific Toe Closures
+ No Lift Heel Grip + Traction Control
+ Compression Technology
+ Snowboard Cushion Placement
+ Rag Top Self-Adjusting Welt Cuff