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Anon M4 Toric Goggle

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Lens Shape Spherical

Spherical Lens Shape - matches the natural curve of your eyes for a less distorted view

Frame Size Medium to Large

Designed for the average adult face size that needs a little more room than a standard fitting frame

Lens Changeability Quick Change

Quick Change technology enables matching lenses to be switched out fast and on the fly!

Ventilation High

High Ventilation - Designed for maximum airflow to help reduce fogging

Anon Goggles

The 2019 Anon M4 Goggle offers the most precise helmet-to-goggle fit with maximum field of vision, SONAR by ZEISS clarity, powerful magnetic lens retention, and the unprecedented versatility. Featuring Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology, using 18 powerful neodymium magnets to make lens changes easier than ever. Toric Lens Technology provides enhanced peripheral vision without distortion, while SONAR lens technology by ZEISS enhances contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. Magnetic Facemask Integration seals Anon's MFI facemask to the goggle in a snap. Full perimeter channel venting ensures maximum airflow for clear, fog-free vision in all conditions.
* Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece: Outlast Face Fleece is able to absorb, store and release heat proactively controlling the   production of moisture before it begins allowing you to maintain a cooler climate inside your goggle no matter how hard you send   it.
* ICT (Integral Clarity Technology): Anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you.   The porous cellulose inner lens surface coupled with our chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment provides superior moisture   shedding and longlasting clarity above and beyond standard acetate lenses. ICT works in tandem with full perimeter channel   venting to evacuate warm, moist air from the lens area.
* Lens Shape: Anon Toric Lens Technology: Toric Lens Technology combines de-centered technology with lens curvature that mimics the   curvature of the human eye for superior optics while also providing enhanced peripheral vision and maximizing the possible vent   volume in the goggle.
* Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology: . Using rare earth magnets and up to eight points of connection, Magna-Tech provides   riders with a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention. Effortless, self-aligning lens changes make   Magna-Tech the pinnacle in high-speed change-outs and style.
* Sonar Lens Technology Featuring Zeiss: Increases depth perception and enhances contrast for the best possible definition while   retaining true world colors.
* Wall-to-Wall incorporates optimal optics in a low-profile frame that utilizes 40% thinner face foam for an ultra-close fit. The   result is a truly unobstructed viewing experience.
* Triple Layer Face Foam
* Lightweight Dual Molded PC-ABS/TPU Frame
* No-Slip Silicone Strap
* Over The Glasses (OTG) Compatible
* MFI Technology: The perfect solution for protecting your face, and simplifying your kit. The four magnetic connection points make   sealing your MFI facemask to your goggle a snap, and provides long-lasting connection without disrupting your goggle’s   performance on-hill.
* Full Perimeter Channel Venting: Ensures maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture away fromthe   lens. Full Perimeter Channel Venting works in tandem with ICT to provide clear, fog-free vision in all conditions.
* Frame Height 103mm
* Includes Two toric lenses (one installed in the frame, and one spare), MFI Facemask, Lens compression case and a microfiber goggle bag

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