Buckman's Workshop Rates

 Our state-of-the-art workshop is the finest on the east coast, covering more than 3200 sq. ft with over $450,000 worth of tuning equipment and over a dozen trained technicians.

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Sharpen & Wax / Other
Skis: Sharpen & Wax


Snowboard: Sharpen & Wax


Edge Beveling / Bottom Grind $24
Stone Grinding $20
Hot Wax $17

Complete Tune-Up*


Skis with Binding Adjustments


Skis with Binding Remounts


Snowboard $60
Tune-up Season Pass ** $75
Bottom Repairs


Edge Repair (Replacement)


Bottom Base Repair (per location) $14
Tip Delamination (per ski) $50
Heli - Coils (each) $10

Binding Services***
Mount / Binding Adjustment
(no sale)


Mount & Binding Adjustment
(with ski equipment purchase)


Mount / Re-Mount Cross Country Skis $17
Computerized Binding Test $22
Binding Adjustment $24
Canting (one ski) $48
* Complete Tune-ups Include: Bottom Stone Finish, Bottom Wet Grind, Edge Sharpening, Deburring Edges, Computerized Binding Test, Structuring, Hot Wax

** A Tune-up Season Pass is good for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard per season. Expires March 15th of each season

*** You must bring in your ski boots for any binding work that will be done to you skis. This includes binding mounts, re-mounts and adjustments. This is necessary to make sure your bindings are adjusted for your specific ski boots.

*****Prices and Services subject to change without notice.*****

 Buckman's Workshop: Overview

At every Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop retail location, we offer access to a variety of workshop services.Whether you need a sharpen and wax, a binding mount, a complete tune-up, or a binding adjustment, we have the staff and equipment to take care of you! For an overview of our services, check out the following video!

Buckman's Workshop: Mounting and Adjusting Ski Bindings

If you have bindings that need to be mounted or adjusted, Buckmans' workshop is your place! Drop by any of 6 our Pennsylvania retail locations with your skis and ski boots, and we'll send them to our workshop on our transfer truck which makes daily stops at each location during the winter season. Check out the video below to see what happens next!

Buckman's Workshop: Complete Tune-ups and Repairs

For your equipment to perform to its ideal level on the mountain, it is necessary for your skis and snowboards to be regularly tuned-up. Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Workshop has industry-leading equipment to help return your gear to its optimal condition.

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