Board Bootie

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Board Bootie

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Board Bootie is a lightweight, collapsible snowboard cover and snowboard carrier with durable material that provides a snug fit with reinforced tips for added protection. It serves as a snowboard backpack which takes the hassle out of carrying your board to the slopes. This snowboard protector preserves your board and protects anything it might rest on or knock into. It frees up your hands to carry other boarding essentials. Because it collapses into a convenient pouch that weighs less than a pound, it’s small enough to take with you on the mountain. 

+ Hands-free carrying of your board
+ Collapses into a compact pouch you can take on the slopes
+ Keeps your board edges sharp and wax job fresh
+ Helps stop water from draining into your car
+ Adjustable straps to conform to your body size
+ Provides protection for your car or truck
+ Helps protect your hands and gloves from scratches
+ Prevents your board from leaving marks on things
+ Is applied and removed from board in seconds
+ Form fit to your board

+ Weighs only 12 oz.

Large:  167cm -155cm
Medium:  154cm-142cm
Small:  141cm-129cm