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Swix F4 Universal Glide Wax Liquid

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Size:  100 ml
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Some may be surprised to learn waxes differ by their composition.  Some waxes perform best on wet snow, others are better suited to use on hard snow, and others still are intended for mixed conditions.  Prior to each day on the slopes, one should tune their equipment according to the forecasted conditions, however this practice can be an arduous and tedious task.  For those who want to maintain their equipment without the slew of accessories needed to perform a proper tune, Swix has developed F4 Universal Easy Glide Wax.  Application is very simple; spread the wax using the foam applicator and buff the wax with the attached polisher.  As the name indicates, F4 Universal Easy Glide Wax is intended for use on all snow conditions, so another wax will never be needed again.


+Water Repellent

+Multi-Condition Use

+Foam Applicator

+Felt Polisher