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Swix CH7 Violet/White HydroCarbon Wax 60g.

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Size:  60 g
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Very good yet economical base layer. When the humidity is low it is also good alone. CH7 is a good general purpose pre-wax and travel wax because its range for use falls in the middle of the system. CH7 makes a good base bonding wax for either warmer or colder waxes applied later. For summer and glacier skiing and riding it provides good glide plus good base protection.
-2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F)

Cera Nova Waxes are designed to provide optimal balance of:
+ Water repellency.
+ Resistance to snow crystal abrasion.
+ Base penetration and bonding capacity.
+ Resistance to dirt.
+ Temperature range consistency.
+ Anti-Static and Oxidation properties.