Joshua Tree Skin Care Lip Balm

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Joshua Tree Skin Care

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Joshua Tree lip balms are petroleum free and made from a base that’s a blend of cocoa butter and beeswax, so they glide on smoothly. All lip balms are packaged in a slim-fit tube that fits comfortably and securely in a pocket with a cap that won’t unexpectedly pop off.

+ Slim fit tube - lower profile is more comfortable and resists unscrewing in your pocket.
+ Less Beeswax means it soaks into your lips without leaving that goopy residue.
+ Powerful moisturizers to replenish chapped lips.

Crafted With the Finest 100% Organic Ingredients:

+ Cocoa Butter: Mild sun protection properties, although it is not considered an SPF additive by the FDA. Cocoa butter is a wonderful emollient plant extract. It is one of the best ingredients to replenish skin.

+ Coconut Oil: A highly saturated oil which resists oxidation. It is a heavy oil which stays on the outer layers of the skin maintaining a smooth feeling.

+ Sunflower Oil: A medium-light oil which is naturally high in Vitamin E.

+ Bees Wax: Creates a desirable consistency for lip balms and salves and seals moisture in the skin.

+ OM-Cinnimate: A Naturally derived UV absorber.