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Over Surveillance DVD

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    * Mammoth-born DFI Snowboards presents their third video to date - The Over Surveillance. Tired of corporate mega companies out to bleed snowboarding of every dime they can, and sick of Chinese outsourcing, DFI set out to recapture the true roots of snowboarding.
    * From one of the most progressive areas of snowboarding comes a team of riders looking at snowboarding in a new way. This ain’t your average local vid, so pick yourself up a copy and keep shreddin’!!
    * Starring:
    * Bobby George
    * Chip Robinson
    * Steven Brown
    * James Shoshone
    * Javier Silva
    * Neil Maher
    * Ryan Egan
    * Clayton Mattson
    * Matt Moriarty
    * Mick Jackson
    * Greg Hahn
    * Lonnie Kauk
    * Jeremy Cline
    * Cody Franklin