My Own Two Feet DVD

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VAS Entertainment

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Leeward Cinema presents something new for the snowboarding community – a feature length snowboarding film produced without using any fossil fuel, 100% sustainable – so instead of using sleds, heli’s and chairlifts, we’re using human power.

MY OWN TWO FEET is the result of months hiking, traversing, winter camping and sub-zero nights in some of the most remote and un-documented terrain on earth. With some of the best athletes from around the globe, they’re exploring the mountains of California on foot, accessing some of the steepest and most remote locations that snowmobiles and helicopters can’t. The entire film will be shot in the California Sierras, in wilderness areas that illegal to all motorized vehicles.

Watch Leeward uncovering new terrain that has yet to be seen in any other snowboard film, creating a truly unique action sports film experience. With eighteen of the best and most diverse riders, from progressive freestylers to big mountain pioneers, these athletes have signed on to an adventure like no other, exploring one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, in the most environ-mentally sustainable style.

Athletes: Jeremy Jones, Chris Demolski, Erik Leines, Jamie Anderson, Tom Burt, Markku Koski, Stacy Thomas, Dave Downing, Chris Engelsman, Temple Cummins, Dave Short, Josh Dirksen, Thayne Mahler, Nate Farrell, Lonnie Kauk, Barrett Christy, Forrest Shearer, Chas Guldemond, Eddie Wall, Joey Papazian, Jimi Tomar, Danny Garrity and Jim Zellers.