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Regina Anna Boots - Women's

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Regina Anna Boots

If you don't want your fur dragging on the ground, this furry boot is a good choice. The real goat hair on the top and calfskin on the bottom, give this boot a look that is more accepted for indoors. Why calfskin and goat hair? Calfskin and goat hair are very water repellent so it keeps your feet dry. But both are also windproof and adds insulation to help keep your feet warm. To keep your feet extra warm, the boots are lined with a thick soft sherling liner which is warm and comfortable.

-Made in Italy Northern Italy is known to produce many of the world's best boots.
-Water repellent, not water proof: The boots are water repellent which means you can walk in snow without getting your feet wet. But if you were to walk into a puddle, some water may seep through.
-Height: On an average, the boots stand about 12 inches tall.
-Top opening: The average opening is about 14 inches. Some wear their pants in the boots while other wear their pants over the boots. Your choice!
-Bottom soles: The bottom soles are made of synthetic rubber and the pattern is designed to give grip in the worst of winter conditions.
-Insulation: The boots are lined with a thick soft sherling liner which is warm and comfortable.
-The fur: These boots are made with real goat hair, not fake. Real goat hair is very durable, weatherproof and looks great.

*** Sizing: Because the boots are made in Italy, they are sized to the European sizing scale and then matched to the closest USA size. There are no half sizes.

*** Product Care: Calfskin and goat hair are easy to clean. Simply use a mild soap with water and then rinse with clean cool water.