Grenade Grenadefest Pipe Gloves - Men's - Rocky Mountain
Grenade Grenadefest Pipe Gloves - Men's
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Great, Durable glove
Posted by Nick Y. (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/30/2019

Pros: Grippy, great dexterity, well built.
Cons: Un-insulated

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I've owned the same pair of Grenade Pipe gloves for years now, and they still fit and function like a champ. Super durable gloves, mine have no tears, rips, or even pulled threads' they look like new. The palm and inner finger area has a tacky material on it that keep boot laces and zippers tight in hand without any slippage. The only issue I have with the gloves is that they are thin and on especially cold days, my hands tend to get a bit chilly. However- due to the lack of insulation the dexterity that can be maintained once the glove is applied is similar to that of bare hands. Lastly, they do a great job at keeping my hands dry; as long as your not swimming with them on or digging in the snow your hands will be as dry as your lips on a windy day.

gloves that make your hands warm
Posted by Riley from montana on 10/30/2019

Pros: cover my hands and fingers
Cons: constant consa consumable

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the gloves cover my hands and fingers, the gloves keep my hands warm and my fingers are warm too. Wow, I seem to be pretty happy with these features on the gloves.