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K2 Bright Lite Snowboard - Women's

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K2 Snowboarding

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Snowboard Terrain All Mountain

Explores all obstacles across the mountain, enjoying anything coming across them on the hill.

Flex Medium

Snowboard Shape Directional

This rider tends to carve the mountain and have less concern with riding switch.

Rocker Profile Rocker

Softer than most boards which allows the rider to be little more playful in the terrain park.

The Bright Lite is back and as versatile as ever for women searching for a board they can grow with. All Terrain Baseline coupled with K2’s women’s specific Rhythm core ensure the Bright Lite flexes and forgives but still drives and supports in any conditions it encounters.

BASELINE: All Terrain
DAMPING: Standard
SHAPE: All Mountain Hyper Progressive
STANCE: Setback .75” ( 19mm)
CORE: W2 GLASS: Biax/Biax
ADDITIVE: Standard
BASE: 2000 Extruded
Base Bevel : 1°