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Capita Warpspeed Snowboard

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Snowboard Terrain All Mountain

Explores all obstacles across the mountain, enjoying anything coming across them on the hill.

Snowboard Shape Directional

This rider tends to carve the mountain and have less concern with riding switch.

Flex Medium / Stiff


You know why rhinos have a giant horn on their nose? Because when you’re 5000 lbs and hauling ass, you might need to gently nudge aside a few things. And, although science may not have proven this yet, many men and rhinos can attest that there are no two greater things in the world that can compel one to haul ass more than gravity or a wife—the latter being infinitely more coercive. 

It's true that mankind shares many commonalities with the animal world, and a sense of situational urgency is one of them. You know, sometimes when you gotta go fast, you gotta go faaaast! 

Like when Mama Rhino’s calling down to the local pub and letting everyone know if Papa Rhino ain’t home in 10 minutes, his hide’s gonna become some city girl’s purse. Or when you're sitting on a stalled chairlift—realizing that the last run you thought you could sneak in before that big dinner wifey’s been planning the whole week—might be your last run EVER. 

If these scenarios sound even remotely familiar, you are not alone. But you better hope you have Warpspeed strapped to your feet because it is your only hope to haul ass through the terrain of life, just in time to save your own hide.



The Warpspeed integrates key shaping attributes from some of our most iconic series into a dedicated wide model. Built for the big guy that rides in a big way, these decks have a progressive sidecut and alpine camber profile that charges hard in a wide array of conditions. The construction has been enhanced for 2018 with a new FSC® Certified Panda Core™, refined Forged Carbon Tips, and new Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifiers that balance the power of carbon with the dampness of flax. Our custom carbon formulated Hyperdrive™ NC12 base features a new factory-direct Moonshot Pro-Tune™ race base structure, supercharging an already fast and powerful board that carves hard, floats in powder, and is ready to manhandle any terrain.