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Volkl Yumi Skis - Women's

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Ski Terrain All Mountain / Freeride

This is the SUV of skis designed for skiing the whole mountain in any and all snow conditions.

Ski Flex Medium

Medium flex will allow the skier to have increased stability at higher speed as well as a balanced performance category in all kinds of terrain.

Ski Width Medium

A moderate waist width for incredible versatility between quick turns yet allowing for better control in crud and powder.

Ski Rocker Profile Tip & Tail Rocker

Designed to be a versatile blend for easy turn initiation as well as release from a turn while maintaining rocker under the foot for a stable feel.

As skiers seek more adventurous terrain, all mountain skis have become more popular.  Skiers who traditionally skied on trail are upgrading their equipment for skis of wider waist widths, modern sidecuts, and rocker profiles.  While these technologies do aid skiers on varied conditions or terrain, the transition from traditional to modern skis may be difficult.  To bridge the gap between conventional and modern skis, Volkl developed the Yumi.  The narrower, by modern standards, waist width, Full Sidewall, and Classic Shape will feel more similar to older skis, while the Tip Rocker helps skiers acclimate to the feel of modern skis.  For skiers who want to transition smoothly from old to new, look no further than the Yumi.


+Multi Layer Wood core

+Full Sidewall construction

+Classic Shape

+Tip Rocker