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Kids Plastic Skis and Bindings

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Until age 24-30 months, a child’s feet are usually not big enough to fit into regular ski boots anyway, so plastic skis are a great way for parents to introduce their 1-3 year-olds to the joys of skiing and outdoor winter fun. They come with very adjustable plastic bindings, so any winter snow boots work well. At 70 cm in length (26.5 inches), they have 8 inches of gentle fish scales under the bindings to allow some traction when walking around on slippery snow.

For parents introducing their child to downhill skiing, Happy Skis work great for logging lots of slide-time, which is step #1 of the KID-SKI Learning Progression. KID-SKI Happy Skis should definitely be used with the KID-SKI Kiddie Ski Bar and a KID-SKI Tip Lock, as well as with the KID-SKI Kiddie Lift for safety and convenience. When a child is ready to graduate off the Kiddie Ski Bar and start learning to turn, then regular edged skis work better.


These training skis, in combination with the Kiddie Ski Bar and Tip Lock, can also be used for backyard “ski-sliding.” With child in tow, parents can take walks in the backyard, on snow-covered golf courses, cross-country trails, frozen lakes, city parks, or wooded trails. Only a half inch of snow is necessary. It's a fun way to spend time enjoying some snow play and outdoor exercise for both parent and child.