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Volkl RTM 78 Skis with Marker 4Motion XL TCX D Bindings - Men's

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Ski Terrain All Mountain / Freeride

This is the SUV of skis designed for skiing the whole mountain in any and all snow conditions.

Ski Rocker Profile Tip Rocker

Allows for ease of turn initiation while maintaining power and control throughout the remainder of the turn.

Ski Width Medium

A moderate waist width for incredible versatility between quick turns yet allowing for better control in crud and powder.

Ski Flex Stiff

Precise turns with incredible edge grip in hard snow conditions as well as best high speed stability.

It's said, "Skiing is easy to learn, but hard to perfect."  This is due, in part, to the equipment.  Some intermediate skis, which are forgiving and playful, struggle to cope with more demanding terrain and speed.  Some expert skis confidently perform across all terrain at high speed, but become temperamental on mild terrain at slower speed.  The RTM 78 is Volkl's attempt to bridge these two categories of skis.  This aim is achieved primarily through Volkl's utilization of their XTD Transmission construction.  This construction amasses most of the ski's material toward the edges ensuring optimal energy transmission for confident skiing on more advanced terrain.  However, the wood core is minimal, so the ski's flex is soft, allowing relaxed skiing on moderate slopes.


+Dual Wood Core Spezial

+XTD Transmission

+Powered by Steel