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Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis with SPX 12 Konect Dual WTR Bindings - Men's

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Ski Terrain All Mountain / Freeride

This is the SUV of skis designed for skiing the whole mountain in any and all snow conditions.

Ski Flex Medium

Medium flex will allow the skier to have increased stability at higher speed as well as a balanced performance category in all kinds of terrain.

Ski Width Wide

Wider for better float in the powder but also gives more stability in heavy and/or wet snow conditions.

Ski Rocker Profile Tip & Tail Rocker

Designed to be a versatile blend for easy turn initiation as well as release from a turn while maintaining rocker under the foot for a stable feel.

Amplified with Rossignol's new Carbon Alloy Matrix, the all-new Experience 88 HD is the undeniable all-mountain benchmark for expert skiers.  With its award-winning versatility intact, the new Experience 88 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, effortless freeride feel.  Carbon Alloy Matrix increases edge grip, stability, dampness, and drive for a finely-tuned fusion of damp, "planted-to-the-snow" edge grip and loose, playful mobility.  Combined with our patented Air Tip technology, Auto Turn Rocker profile, and Extended Sidecut, the new all-mountain standard delivers high-definition performance across all terrain and snow conditions.  It's racing DNA meets freeride.  Precision and power meets effortless float.  It's everything you need for the ultimate one-ski quiver.


+Carbon Alloy Matrix

+Air Tip technology

+Auto Turn Rocker

+Extended Sidecut