Blizzard Bonafide Skis - Men's

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Ski Terrain All Mountain / Freeride

This is the SUV of skis designed for skiing the whole mountain in any and all snow conditions.

Ski Width Wide

Wider for better float in the powder but also gives more stability in heavy and/or wet snow conditions.

Ski Flex Stiff

Precise turns with incredible edge grip in hard snow conditions as well as best high speed stability.

Ski Rocker Profile Tip & Tail Rocker

Designed to be a versatile blend for easy turn initiation as well as release from a turn while maintaining rocker under the foot for a stable feel.

Wildly popular in 2011-12, the 2013 Blizzard Bonafide does not disappoint! The Scene is set: Overnight, two feet of fresh snow, it's a bluebird day. You are on the first lift, then a short hike and you have reached your dream destination. One drop into a short, steep gully, then the mountain opens up and you step on the accelerator. Big turns, straight lines, pure adrenaline - Flipcore technology lives up to its name.

What is Flipcore 3D Technology?
Flipcore 3D Technology is a construction technology, it's also a new way to build rockered skis, and it is redefining what you should expect from your rockered skis. Think of it this way, Blizzard is the only manufacturer that actually builds a rockered ski from the ground up. We don't take a traditional ski and manipulate its shape. All of the parts (woodcore, mold, etc.) that go into making the skis are built in the finished rockered shape. Everything goes into the press in the same shape as it comes out. It is rocker made naturally. Flipcore 3D Technology is not the shape of the ski, it's how it's built.

133 / 98 / 118mm
Radius 21.0 m (180cm)

Sandwich Sidewall Titanium
+ Wood core
+ ISO-core (composite)
+ Bamboo
+ Titanium

+ Flipcore 3D: built in the natural shape of rocker
+ Sidewall: better energy transmission / increased impact strength / increased torsional stiffness

Tip and Tail Rocker
Slight Camber Underfoot