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Lange SX 70 W Ski Boots - Women's

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Boot Instep Height Medium

Average instep height but due to the sensitive nature of this area of the foot as many blood vessels flow through here it's still important to make sure the blood is not restricted.

Boot Calf Volume Medium

Most common lower leg shaft allowing the boot to wrap around the lower leg for performance as well as comfort.

Boot Flex Soft

A soft flex designed to be more forgiving by allowing more flex of the lower leg at the ankle to help maintain balance while skiing.

Boot Width Wide

For the skier who often struggles to find shoes that are wide enough. Typically buys EE or EEE footwear.

The SX 70 W is the new women on piste Lange boot dedicated to sportive skiers who want the comfort and ease of use of a 102mm boot but don't want to sacrifice ski control. It features short cuff to perfectly fit women's calves and Soft Touch Buckles to treat women's nails well.


From the 3D foot scanner analysis and the experience with the successful 97 and 100mm last, Lange introduces a higher volume last ideal for sportive skiers and "big feet" performance skiers.


Features a 15mm shorter cuff in back, 20mm shorter in front, allowing skiers with shorter leg shafts a more natural stance and range of motion.


The process of shell engineering with the foot scanning system, allows for a more accurate and precise fit of Lange boots.

1. Shell design: Anatomically contoured heel cap provides better retention, and perfect ski control. Tapered mid-foot area holds the navicular and cuboid without applying too much pressure or being too loose; and delivers control for narrow and wide feet. Accurate in-step height, moderate upper flaps allow a comfortable fit for a wider range of in-steps and guarantees the perfect wrap. Asymmetrical toe box provides the proper volume to comfortably fit the toes without compromising control and feeling. It also allows for better thermo insulation.
2. Advantages:  Perfect wrapping all around the foot for a very wide range of feet;  Modular in-step wrap which guarantees the correct position and retention of the foot;  Great heel cap deFINISH and retention;  Generous toe box volume without compromising the control and the performance; More anatomical feeling compared to other ski boots.


Thermo customizable liners, the RL1, RL2 and RL3 liners pprovide increasing foot retention levels to meet different skier's needs in terms of comfort and performance. This is achieved through the use of increasigly higher density pad materials from RL1 to RL3.


Extra Long buclkle lever, reduces the effort to buckle and unbuckle.


Toe box of the liner features extra Insulation Thinsulate® material.


Better wrapping of upper leg, enhances precision and sensitivity by eliminating any gap between shin and tongue.


To maximize the comfort and retain the warmth, the asymmetrical toe box is made of a bi-elastic and high thermo insulation material.


"Ready for Heating": Molded thermo customizable polyethylene + EVA foam ankle pads will be used in order to provide the liners with elasticity and comfort. Differentiated density from top (higher) to bottom (lower) will be used to get different Retention Levels: - 10 min heating - 10 min boots on, buckles closed, standing position - Buckles not too tight.


Instep bone cut-out relieves pressure on instep and guarantees unrestricted blood flow for increased comfort and warmth.


Manufactured for women