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Therm-ic Winter Boot Warmer

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Therm ic

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Moist, cold boots ruin the day of any winter sports enthusiast. Drying and pre-heating the boots are the best solution for this problem. The Therm-ic ski boot warmer reaches operating temperature within five minutes. Ski and snowboard boots are quickly pre-heated for use in the snow, ensuring that nothing is in the way of your outdoor fun.

The boot warmer allows you to warm up the boots to a pleasant temperature while you are on the way to the slopes. The 12 volt car version provides a comfortable entry into the boot and cozy warmth for your feet from the first minute. After a long day on the slopes, the boots can be dried on your drive home.

+ Suitable for use in all ski boots, plus regular boots and shoes of all sizes

Supply Voltage:
120 V / 60 Hz (US)
12V DC car plug

Heating Capacity: 2 x6 Watts, continuous