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Full Tilt Classic Ski Boots - Men's

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Full Tilt

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Boot Width Medium

For the skier with a C, D or E width shoe as most common foot width.

Boot Instep Height Medium

Average instep height but due to the sensitive nature of this area of the foot as many blood vessels flow through here it's still important to make sure the blood is not restricted.

Boot Calf Volume Medium

Most common lower leg shaft allowing the boot to wrap around the lower leg for performance as well as comfort.

Boot Flex Medium

For a blend of increased power to be transmitted to the ski while maintaining sufficient ankle flex to swallow up varied terrain.

Full Tilt Classic Ski Boots

Classic: Original
Width: 99mm
Flex: 5
Liner: Performer Wide Toe
Replaceable Sole: Plastic
Buckles: Ladder
Cant Lateral: 3mm
Height Toe/Heel: 18/34