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Atomic LF 70 Ski Boots - Men's

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Boot Flex Soft

A soft flex designed to be more forgiving by allowing more flex of the lower leg at the ankle to help maintain balance while skiing.

Boot Width Wide

For the skier who often struggles to find shoes that are wide enough. Typically buys EE or EEE footwear.

Boot Instep Height High

Commonly seen with a high arch. While this type of foot provides a stable platform in can cause cold feet as well as numbness if not properly fit.

Boot Calf Volume High

Best suited for either larger or perhaps a lower calf often referred to as an athletic calf. This larger opening of the boot is designed to accommodate this area for better comfort while not impeding the performance.

LF 70

The LF 70 is ATOMIC's innovative, premium all-mountain boot, which is designed to continually and automatically adapt its fit to the skier's foot. Thanks to the unique Live Fit zones, this boot automatically adapts to the forefoot and, offers a variable last width from 102 to 106 mm.  These elastic zones ensure a perfect fit through every stage of a turn. Live Fit adapts to every movement of the forefoot instantly, thereby maximizing performance. The ASY Comfort liner and softer flex optimize comfort, while two Mega buckles and the broad Power Strap provide firm support.  Maximum comfort and soft flex: the LF 70 is ideal for both newcomers and more advanced skiers.