Apex HP Ski Boot - Men's

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Apex Ski Boots

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Boot Instep Height Medium

Average instep height but due to the sensitive nature of this area of the foot as many blood vessels flow through here it's still important to make sure the blood is not restricted.

Boot Calf Volume Medium

Most common lower leg shaft allowing the boot to wrap around the lower leg for performance as well as comfort.

Boot Width Wide

For the skier who often struggles to find shoes that are wide enough. Typically buys EE or EEE footwear.

Boot Flex Stiff

For ultimate power transmission from the skier to the ski. Constructed for performance to allow for better control quicker response particularly at higher speeds.

The obvious benefit of the Apex HP Ski Boot is the comfort and ease of use granted by the Walkable Boot that's housed inside the synthetic Open Chassis™ frame. By separating the support and response function on formal ski boots from the comfort and warmth purpose of all other boots, you're able to get something that not only feels better but performs better too. But what might not be so obvious is how the A-Flex Suspension™ lets you adjust forward lean and flex based on your preference, conditions, or simply because you want to try something new.
* Proprietary Open Chassis™ Design uses two distinct parts to give you on-ski support with walk-boot comfort
* 3 Buckle Closure Ensures a focused fit that anchors your heel in place
* Adjustable A-Flex Suspension™ lets you tune response for preference, terrain, or ability level
* Comfortable and warm Walkable Boot offers comfort and warmth no other ski boot can touch
* Custom moldable for a fit that matches your feet
* Medial structure is reinforced for bulge-free support no matter how hard you push the boots
* High Traction Outsole improves grip when not on your skis
* External Tongue and Serpentine™ lacing helps boot shed water while offering a more secure fit
* Thinsulate™ Insulation provides reliable warmth
* Nanofiber Reinforced Open Chassis™ surrounds Walkable Boot when it's time to ski for superior support
* Flex-Arm allows for four possible forward lean angles
* Dual zone Boa® Closure System lets you dial in the perfect fit every time