Scott Jr 540 Ski Pole - Youth

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Scott USA

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Color:  Silver
Size:  Junior 36" (90cm)
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Scott Jr 540 Ski Pole is a great kids alpine ski pole option.


+ S2 Aluminum: S2 Aluminum poles utilize the same technical swaging and design features found in the S4 and S3 series and are rated to 45,000 PSI.

+ TUV Basket: The TÜV basket is a high-performance, aerodynamic basket and is found exclusively on the JR 540 pole.

+ Junior Joystick: Put down your video games, grab onto the Joystick grip and go skiing. SCOTT’s anatomically engineered Joystick Grip is the answer for smaller hands.

+ Woven Nylon Strap: Woven nylon straps provide a platform to plant on and push off of. The straps are engineered with increased strap width in the back of the hand for additional support. The buckle is injection-molded nylon that exceeds a tensile strength of 800 psi.

+ Cone: The Cone tip is manufactured from hardened steel and designed for strength and durability.