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Scott Decree Ski Poles

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Scott USA

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The stable 18mm S2 aluminum shaft of the these Scott alpine ski poles combines a unique design with a 3.6 disc basket.


+ S2 Aluminum: S2 Aluminum poles utilize the same technical swaging and design features found in the S4 and S3 series and are rated to 45,000 PSI.

+ P-Lite: The P-Lite Grip is engineered to blend ergonomic comfort with material durability.

+ FX 24: The FX 24 strap is a parallel strap. It features an over-molded buckle and is slightly slimmer than the FX 15X25 strap.

+ 3.6 Disc Basket: The 3.6 Disc Basket incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. The 3.6 disc basket is 6 centimeters in diameter.

+ Cone: The Cone tip is manufactured from hardened steel and designed for strength and durability.