Atomic STH2 13 WTR Binding

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The STH2 13 WTR is a freeski binding for the park, pike, and backcountry.  The component housing is steel to withstand forceful landings, and the elastic travel of the 3D Toe Driver offers better energy transfer than that of static bindings.  The STH2 13 WTR is also compatible with DIN and WTR boot soles.


-Din Range: 5 - 13
-Height: 18.4 mm
-Weight: 2.2 kg per Pair
-Brakes: 90 / 100 / 115 / 130 mm
-Sole: Flat
-Low Profile Chassis
-Steel Housing
-Progressive Transfer Pads
-Stomp Pedal
-Freeski Brakes
-Senior Norm
-Walk to Ride compatible