Redfeather Trek 360 Snowshoes with Summit Bindings - Men's

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Redfeather Snowshoes

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Size:  8x25
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Redfeather Trek 360 Men's Snowshoes

There is no room in Society for kinda-Winter-People.  It is a total mind and body commitment.  When you say, "Isn't Orion the most beautiful of all the constellations?"  the sincerity in your voice should be as thick as a down bootie,  You should be the kind of person that keeps a pair of easy-striding V-tail snowshows in your vehicle year-round.  Just to keep your head in the game.

+ Hinge - Live-Resonse Hinge lifts the tail of the shoe from the snow with every step
+ Decking - White TX35 Vinyl
+ Frame - Extruded 6000 Series aluminum tube
+ V-tail design
+ Crampons - Hawk stainless-steel crampon system