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The Moon was closer to the Earth this March than it has been in nearly 20 years. With the power of the cosmos, and that ghastly large moon, the VG crew is back at it with another heat maker. Expect some mind numbing parts from your favorite guys on snowboards. Certainly not the disco party snowboard video you are used to...No bullshit, straight snowboarding and progression the way it should be... Buy it and love it... SHOOT THE MOON

Rider List: Chris Grenier, Darrell Mathes, Gus Engle, Jake Olson-Elm, Jed Anderson, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Mendenhall, Justin Bennee, Louif Paradis, Mikey Leblanc, Nick Dirks, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Zac Marben

SPECIAL EXTRA VALUE: This video features a 23 minute video called, “The Rascals” which is a Super 8mm and Digital film created by Bryan Fox and Scotty Wittlake. Shot on location at Mt Baker Ski Resort, starring Bryan Fox, Scotty Wittlake, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek, Shaun McKay, Pat McCarthy, Forrest Burki, Terje Hakonsen, Jamie Lynn, Nick Ennen, Matt Edgers, Jake Blauvelt and more.

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