Crab Grab Mini Shark Teeth

Crab Grab Mini Shark Teeth

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Item#: CRA-TB19001, Mfg#: TB2001, TB19001  

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Crab Grab Mini Shark Teeth

This is the mini version of our best selling spiky traction. Same size teeth (just fewer of them) for those who want maximum grip for minimum dough.

* 1 per pack
* 12 Spikes
* Dimensions: 2.9” x 3.7”

* SHARK TOOTH SPIKES™ - Ovular spikes modeled after nature’s best bite.
* CRUBBER™ - Our flexible rubbery replacement to the stomp pads of yesteryear.
* EASY CUT GROOVES™ - Flex with your board to let it bend naturally, and easy to cut and spread out your spikes.

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