Atomic Affinity LF Helmet - Women's

Atomic Affinity LF Helmet - Women'sCLEARANCE

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Color:  Black
Size:  Small
Item#: ATO-Affinity15, Mfg#: AN5005222, AN5005224  

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Ventilation Adjustable

Venting can be closed, opened or adjusted as needed.

Audio Compatible

Compatible with after-market audio systems.

Adjustability Full

Features allow for total adjustability to maximize comfort and stability

Construction Hard Shell

Hardened formed plastic that is glued to a hard foam interior shell.

Like other helmets, the Atomic Affinity LF helmet offers adjustment via an inner framework.  However, to ensure a more personalized fit, Atomic includes memory foam which molds to the shape of one's head when worn.  Fore and aft vents provide comfort in a variety of temperatures, and the half ABS hardshell absorbs impacts should protection be needed.  Additional features include audio compatibility and a removable washable liner.


-Live Fit
-Size Adjustment
-Half ABS Hard Shell
-Active Duel Zone Venting
-Audio compatible
Removable and washable Full Cap Lining

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