Oakley Jake Blauvelt Signature Prizm Airbrake Goggle

Oakley Jake Blauvelt Signature Prizm Airbrake Goggle

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Item#: OAK-AIRBRAKE-JB, Mfg#: JB Airbake  

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Ventilation Medium

Medium Ventilation - designed to reduce the possibility of fogging in low to moderate activity

Lens Shape Spherical

Spherical Lens Shape - matches the natural curve of your eyes for a less distorted view

Frame Size Medium to Large

Designed for the average adult face size that needs a little more room than a standard fitting frame

Lens Changeability Quick Change

Quick Change technology enables matching lenses to be switched out fast and on the fly!

Introducing the Oakley Airbrake Snow Goggles, a performance snow goggle with an interchangeable lens design that helps you adapt to the environment and enjoy the best vision possible. Oakley Switchlock™ Technology makes lens changing fast and easy, and two lens colors are included with each goggle so you'll be ready for a range of conditions right from the get-go. Additional lens options are available, so no matter what the mountain has in mind, you'll be able to keep up with changing light conditions and maximize both performance and safety.

A mountain can throw down more weather conditions than any other environment. From sunlight glaring off glacial ice to socked-in blizzards and mud-thick fog, the variance is extreme, and no single lens tint can provide optimal performance for every environment. The Oakley Airbrake snow goggle has an interchangeable lens design that lets you adapt to any light condition and match your vision to the environment, and it utilizes Switchlock Technology to make lens changing quick and easy.

Interchangeable lens designs are nothing new for goggles but conventional technology puts you at a disadvantage. Impact protection can be compromised. Uneven pressure can distort the lens shape, altering the optical properties and corrupting your vision. Changing the lens can be a real pain. Oakley solved all these problems with Switchlock Technology.

Switchlock Technology offers the most elegant and simple solution, and it does so while maximizing impact protection, eliminating visual distortion and giving you a fast and easy way to swap out the lens. Just rotate the lever of the locking mechanism. The mounted lens is released and the goggle is ready for whatever alternate lens you need. Your vision will be razor sharp and accurate, and you’ll have protection that meets the gold standard:
ANSI Z87.1 rated impact resistance.

Airbrake is optimized to fit medium to large faces, and the architecture offers all-day comfort. We crafted the durable yet lightweight frame with a rigid front and a flexible chassis, so the front eliminates pressure in the nasal area and maximizes airflow while the O Matter® chassis adapts for a perfect fit. Strap outriggers ensure pressure is distributed evenly, and we engineered them to work with or without a helmet. Along the facial contact area, this goggle has a triple layer of polar fleece foam that balances pressure and wicks away moisture. Our pure Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of all UV. To fight fog, we matched F3 anti-fog technology with a dual lens design: one lens on top of another with a thermal barrier between them. Two lens colors are included with the goggle so you’ll be ready for a full spectrum of conditions. We created a full array of optional lenses so you can arm yourself with innovation and be ready for whatever the hill throws down.

Optimized to fit medium to large faces
Rigid Front Frame with Flexible O-Matter® Rear chassis
Rigid Frame support to minimize optical distortion, eliminate nasal pressure and maximize airflow
All day comfort of moisture wicking triple-layer polar fleece foam
Balanced fit (with or without helmet) via Fixed O-Matter
Interchangeable Strap Outriggers

Switchlock™ Technology for the quickest and easiest lens change for any light condition
Comes standard with two lens tints and case
Fog elimination of dual vented lenses with F3 Anti-fog technology
Tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating (optional)
UV protection of Plutonite&reg lens that filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC & harmful blue light up to 400nm

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Great looks and fantastic view
Posted by Austin H. (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/28/2018

Pros: Optics cannot be beat... and it looks great
Cons: Nothing

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Ultra dark lens and I love the look. Great for daytime skiing. Rose lense is fantastic for the night. Best of both worlds.

Jake is da man
Posted by Chabot (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/19/2016

Pros: wicked cool
Cons: none

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Jake has a nice color way each side is a different colored strap and the frame has lots of earth tones
the prism lens makes it though .... looking thru prism on a snow day is really sic like flipin your tv to high def