Atomic Hawx 2.0 90 W Ski Boots - Women's

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Size:  23.5
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Item#: 22932, Mfg#: AE5011680, Season: 2014-2015  

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Boot Width Medium

For the skier with a C, D or E width shoe as most common foot width.

Boot Calf Volume Medium

Most common lower leg shaft allowing the boot to wrap around the lower leg for performance as well as comfort.

Boot Instep Height High

Commonly seen with a high arch. While this type of foot provides a stable platform in can cause cold feet as well as numbness if not properly fit.

Boot Flex Medium

For a blend of increased power to be transmitted to the ski while maintaining sufficient ankle flex to swallow up varied terrain.

At Atomic we’re big on people finding the perfect fitting boots. It’s why we created Hawx in the first place – now the world’s best-selling medium fit boot. And it’s why we’ve now updated Hawx with Memory Fit and 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation. We’re also making it lighter and tweaking the flex area for even better balance. So it continues to provide the best fit and skiing performance you can get from the moment you put it on.

Memory Fit
Silver Liner with 3M Thinsulate
35 mm Strap
Edge 7000 Buckle
Standard DIN 2k Grip Pads
FIT: Medium
FLEX: Medium

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Warm comfy boot
Posted by Susan (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/20/2017

Pros: comfortable
Cons: a little flexible for the agressive skier

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Warm, comfy boot. Conforms to your foot, flexible ankle