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Dale of Norway Sweaters

Friday, October 28, 2011
Dale of Norway Sweaters is proud to announce the return of Dale of Norway sweaters to our retail stores!

The Dale of Norway products are of the highest quality and innovative design with many details having their roots in Norwegian traditions and way of life. What makes the Dale knitwear unique is the exceptional combination of traditional Norwegian design influenced by contemporary styles with an excellent craftsmanship and numerous functional innovations. Dale of Norway is an official partner of the Norwegian, American and Canadian national ski teams as well as a long term partner of the American and International Olympic Committees. Dale of Norway is a well-established company with a unique know-how in development and production of first-class quality knitwear.

Dale of Norway is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium knitwear. Since 1879 they have made lifestyle mountain-focused clothing with both striking designs and enduring quality. The women's collection is made with an eye for beautiful patterns, colors, details and a feminine fit. Using premium natural fibers and over 100 years of experience, Dale of Norway sweaters celebrate Norwegian style with beautiful patterns and long-lasting quality.

Dale of Norway uses their own authentic Norwegian yarn for all of their sweaters as well as lightweight Merino wool. Dale is known for its enduring, timeless styling. Designed to be kept and worn for years to come, Dale of Norway sweaters have a relevant, classic look that will be in fashion today and tomorrow.