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Footprint Bamboo 3/4 Crew Socks - Unisex

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Like home to your feet, these stay-cool and breathable, multi-use socks feature a variable-knit, viscose from certified organic bamboo construction under the foot to disperse heat and cushion hard knocks. The welt is snug to reduce slipping; an arch band adds support. A combo of fibers improves moisture control and airflow:  95% Viscose from Certified Organic Bamboo Fiber & 5% nylon athletic socks stay up well and extend to mid-calf (3/4 Crew).


+ Viscose from Organic Bamboo / nylon blend strategically knit to balance wicking performance, cushioning and durability
+ Lightweight, looped construction on footbed and front shin for next-to-skin comfort and shin protection
+ Fibers allow excellent airflow and breathability
+ Viscose from bamboo fibers are rounded and smooth, itch-free and offer long-term stability and performance
+ Ergonomic toe construction creates the smallest and flattest seam possible for ultimate comfort
+ 95% Viscose from Certified Organic Bamboo Fiber / 5% Nylon
+ 2.5 oz


Viscose from Certified Organic Bamboo Fiber comes from the planet's most sustainable resource.  Organic Bamboo is never grown with synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or defoliants, so it's safe for the people who work and live near the groves where it’s grown. 



Women's Sizes 5-9.5
Men's Sizes 4-8.5


Women's Sizes 10-13+
Men's Sizes 9-13