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Base, Mid & Casual Layers

Like other sports, skiers and snowboarders should wear specific apparel to put themselves in the best position to enjoy their day to its fullest. For winter sports enthusiasts, the right clothing keeps you warm and offers a lot of protection. 

The key to staying warm is layering, and it all starts 'next to the skin' with the right kind of technical base layering apparel. Skiing and snowboarding causes our body to generate a lot of heat and sweat. To stay warm and comfortable, it's vital to move that moisture away from your body. Cotton fabric traps moisture against your body, robbing you of heat and inviting the cold in! The technical fabrics of our thermal tops are designed to move moisture away from your skin, which is the first step in helping you defeat the cold!

Look through our collection of men's base layers to find the right fit.
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Burton Mountain Pullover Mens

Burton Mountain Pullover - Men's

Burton Crown Bonded Crew Mens

Burton Crown Bonded Crew - Men's

Burton Oak Pant Mens

Burton Oak Pant - Men's

Burton Elite Full Zip Mens

Burton Elite Full-Zip - Men's

Burton Oak FZ Hoodie Mens

Burton Oak FZ Hoodie - Men's

Burton Roadie Tech Tee Mens

Burton Roadie Tech Tee- Men's

Obermeyer UltraGear Bottom Mens

Obermeyer UltraGear Bottom - Men's


Burton Crown Bonded FZ Hoodie - Men's

SALE starting at $67.46$89.95

Marmot Power Stretch Half Zip - Men's

SALE starting at $66.50$95.00
Oakley Bark FZ Hoodie Mens

Oakley Bark FZ Hoodie - Men's

Marmot Kryptor Hoody Mens

Marmot Kryptor Hoody - Men's

This product is rated 5 out of 5
Burton Lorid Pullover Mens

Burton Lorid Pullover - Men's

Burton Mill Pond Pullover Mens

Burton Mill Pond Pullover - Men's

Neff Melt Away Hoodie – Men’s

Neff Melt Away Hoodie – Men’s

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Why You Should Use Base Layering 

While the mid layer of our gear is for insulating and keeping you warm and the outerwear layers — like jackets — are for waterproofing and breathability, the base layer is essential for your ultimate warmth and comfort on the slopes. The main reasons you should wear a base layer are to manage the moisture and set the right foundation for the other layers you select to keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Wearing the right base layer is the best first step! 

  • Men's Base Layer Tops: When you wear the right technical men's thermal top, you put yourself in the best starting position to have a great day every time you hit the slopes.
  • Bottoms: Keep your legs warm and dry while you ski or snowboard. Our bottom base layers come in a variety of sizes, fits, materials and prices, but no matter what you choose, you'll enjoy quality moisture management and temperature regulation.
  • Suits: If you want one uniform base layer that covers from your ankles to the top of your head, you can take advantage of our Ninja suits, which will cover your full body and allow you to add layers easily.
  • Heated Base Layers: Our revolutionary battery-heated base layers, which use patented 5V signal technology and run on any 5V batteries, can heat your chest, back, bottom and knees. This innovative technology has a design specially made for heating the core body temperature.

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