Oakley MOD 5 MIPS Helmet

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Color:  Grey
Size:  Small
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Ventilation Adjustable

Venting can be closed, opened or adjusted as needed.

Audio None

Not compatible with after-market audio systems.

Construction Hard Shell

Hardened formed plastic that is glued to a hard foam interior shell.

Oakley MOD 5 MIPS Helmet

Even the most experienced skiers and snowboarders take a fall sometimes. Maybe there’s a hidden obstacle in the terrain that catches you off guard, or perhaps a less experienced person causes it. No matter the circumstances, you want to be prepared in case you fall. Finding a good helmet will help prevent serious injury in case of an accident while you’re out on the slopes.

The MOD 5 helmet from Oakley combines the newest technology with sleek design to create an exceptional ski and snowboard helmet. The durable hybrid shell protects against brain injuries while keeping the helmet comfortable enough for all-day wear. The interior padding and exterior shell will help keep you safe without feeling bulky or heavy.

The helmet has excellent ventilation and goggle compatibility. The ventilation is along the brim, which keeps your goggles from fogging up and also lets in some air to keep you from feeling overheated. There are also additional ventilation channels for optimal heat management.

The Oakley MOD 5 helmet is available in two different colors but is not compatible with after-market audio systems. Order yours from Buckman’s Ski Shops today.


+Dual construction hybrid shell optimizes both durability and weight for premium comfort 

+Integrated MIPS technology for added protection from rotational brain injury

+Modular brim system allows for the ideal fit with any sized goggle

+Adjustable ventilation channels for heat management, with integrated brim ventilation to reduce lens fog-up

+Dial-actuated BOA 270 Fit System for customized fitting