Bolle Volt Plus Goggle - Youth

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Lens Changeability Traditional

Matching lenses can be switched out. Requires a moderate amount of time and effort.

Ventilation Medium

Medium Ventilation - designed to reduce the possibility of fogging in low to moderate activity

Lens Shape Flat

Flat Lens Shape - A cylindrical lens with a traditional field of view

Frame Size Small to Medium

Designed for small faces that need a little more room

Offering the same leading-edge technology as that used for adult goggles, the Bolle Volt Plus will delight your kids of six years and above while protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays.

+ Flow-Tech venting promotes directional airflow across the inside of lens
+ Double lens creates a dual-pane thermal barrier between cold dry air outside
+ Embedded P80+ anti-fog layer on inner lens restricts moisture build up
+ All Bolle lenses block harmful UVA/UVB rays