Spy Bravo Goggle

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Spy Optic

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Lens Changeability Traditional

Matching lenses can be switched out. Requires a moderate amount of time and effort.

Ventilation Medium

Medium Ventilation - designed to reduce the possibility of fogging in low to moderate activity

Lens Shape Spherical

Spherical Lens Shape - matches the natural curve of your eyes for a less distorted view

Frame Size Medium to Large

Designed for the average adult face size that needs a little more room than a standard fitting frame

Spy Goggles

Spy Bravo Goggles
These snowboard goggles feature an ARC Spherical Dual-lens, which mimics the shape of the human eye, provide superb clarity. With a lock-steady system that provides a secure hold and easy lens changes when needed, you'll never have to spend time catching up with your friends because you had to stop and change a lens. The anti-fog coating and ventilation keep moisture from building up on the lens, while the anti-scratch coating ensures the lens stays in great shape. The UV protection featured in the lens keeps your eyes safe from harmful rays. The Spy Bravo Goggles come with a bonus lens so you'll be ready for anything.
Key Features of Spy Bravo Goggles:
* Frame: Polyurethane
* Foam: 3x Isotron
* Ventilation: Rise
* Lens: ARC Spherical Dual-Lens
* Lens Change System: Lock Steady
* Protect: 100% UV
* Coatings: Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch
* Fit: Medium/Large
* Free Bonus Happy Lens