Oakley Stockholm Accessory Lens

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HIGHDEFINITIONOPTICS® (HDO®)combines patented optics andPLUTONITE® lens material that provides 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.
Change your look instantly and get the best possible performance by matching your optics to your environment. Our purePLUTONITE® lens material stops 100% of all UV, even those nasty rays that are linked to premature wrinkles around the eyes. Impact resistance meets all Z87.1 standards of the American National Standards Institute. The dual vented design is matched with F3 anti-fog technology to make fog somebody else’s problem. With so much technology and so many colors, our accessory lenses turn the art of fashion into a science.

Important Note:Use care when installing/removing accessory lenses. Scratched lenses can not be returned and are not covered under Oakley’s warranty policy.