Csala Beers

Csala Beers is the newlywed wife of our of our employees, Dan Beers.

Early in February 2015, Csala was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident. Her husband Dan, a member of our online customer service team, has been paralyzed himself for the past 12 years. In a tragic twist, their separate accidents occurred on the same stretch of road approximately a quarter mile apart.

Dan has been both a participant and advocate for those with disabilities who wish to remain active in the winter sports we all love, skiing and snowboarding. Now he is ready to be there for his wife - to be there for her through this difficult time and to lead her down a trail he has already been down himself.

Beers accidentTheir medical bills are great and they need to replace the vehicle totaled in the accident (the vehicle that had been equipped to allow Dan to drive despite his physical imitations).

Please consider supporting Dan and Csala by sharing their story and by donating as you are able.

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Dan Beers


Dan Beers has been a part of our online customer service team for
the past several years. If you've called us on a week night or weekend,
chances are you've talked to Dan. He is passionate about skiing and
snowboarding despite his own injury.

Dan is a loving husband and friend - we are proud to help him
get the word out about the recovery fund for his wife Csala.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident,
Dan still finds the time to tear it up on the slopes each season