buckmans ski snowboard

buckmans ski snowboard

To celebrate the winter season, the Chabot Show is giving you a chance to win cash for doing something you love – hitting the slopes and having fun!

From January 31, 2011 – February 28, 2011 we are having a photo and video contest. All you have to do is submit pictures and videos to us that show what makes your day on the mountain perfect.

You can send us shots of scenery, your friends and family, a video of a sick trick you’ve pulled – anything – just keep it clean and G-rated!

All you have to do is email the following info to chabot@buckmans.com along with:

  • Your name and your hometown
  • Your photo submissions as an attachment or email a link to your video on YouTube or Facebook

On Feb 28 we’ll post all submissions on our Facebook wall so that everyone can vote for their favorites. The video and photo that gets the most ‘likes’ will win a $500 gift card to Buckmans.com!

Submissions sent after 12 Noon EST on 2/28/11 will not be included in this year's contest.

buckmans ski snowboard
A total of FOUR $500 Grand Prizes (online gift cards) will be awarded:

  • One for the best photo and one for the best video as voted by our Facebook followers.
  • We’ll also have 2 judges’ choice awards in each category ($500 online gift code / each).
  • In all we are giving away $2000 (4 awards) when the winners are announced on Friday, March 4th

Let’s Review:

How can you win?

  • Submit your photos and videos to chabot@buckmans.com before 2/28/2011.
  • Tell all your friends and family to ‘like’ us on Facebook so they can vote for your entries (voting begins Feb 28).

Not a fan of Buckmans.com on Facebook? Click this link, then click the ‘like’ button at http://www.facebook.com/buckmans

You can also win by being selected as one of two "Judges Picks".

Four Grand Prizes will be awarded on March 4th. Each Grand Prize will be a $500 online gift card

Disclaimer: Have fun, keep it clean, and remember, by submitting your photos and videos to us, you are giving Buckmans and our affiliates (including Facebook.com) permission to repost these videos in any form, on any platform from now until the end of time. We choose to reject any submissions that we deem as inappropriate or that violate any contest rules, mountain rules, or local and state laws. All awards are online gift code prizes and can only be redeemed online at buckmans.com. They cannot be used in our stores or given out as cash or any other form of payment.