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2018 Rossignol Star Wars and Frozen Skis 2018 Rossignol Star Wars and Frozen Skis

Posted by Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis, Rossignol Famous 6 Skis, Rossignol Star Wars Skis, Rossignol Frozen Skis

At Buckmans, we'd like to talk about a brand that’s been in the industry for 100 years! 100! That’s a big deal. Rossignol would put it this way: “100 years during which we have always been thrilled by the mountains, 100 years of passionate commitment, 100 years in which we have lived our professional skills to the fullest. In this article, we will feature some of the 2018 Rossignol Skis that we are most excited about: 2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis, Rossignol Famous 6 Skis, Rossignol Star Wars Skis, Rossignol Frozen Skis.

2018 Rossignol Skis 
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The brand caters to athletes and wants to help people experience the mountains every day. Rossignol Skis value excellent quality, high reliability, and attractive design. Abel Rossignol was a carpenter and made his first skis out of solid wood in 1907. In 1937, Emile Allais became world champion on Rossignol Skis. In 1956, Laurent Boix-Vives bought the company and started selling Rossignol alpine skis all over the world. The brand's focus today is year-round mountain sports and the lifestyle that goes with them. Their goal is to become the brand for everyone who shares their passion for the mountain lifestyle. 

This season at Buckmans, we are particularly excited to have the 2018 Men's Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis! Rossignol is saying that their best just got better with the Rossignol 7 series. It has “redefined freeride with an award-winning fusion of ultra-lightweight innovation and uncompromising performance. And now, after endless accolades, and the addition of our high-definition Carbon Alloy Matrix, freeride will yet evolve again.” The 7 series has been completely redesigned and introduces the Air Tip 2.0: “a new, reinforced 3D structure and fully integrated Air Tip construction that’s lighter, stronger, and designed to push the boundaries of freeride even further.” (Check out the here: 2018 Men's Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis)

… but what does all that mean? 

It means that the reduced weight in the Air Tip 2.0 will help keep the tips of your alpine skis afloat and give you better control and maneuverability.The carbon alloy matrix has super fiber that’s been engineered to help you find stability and grip. Its unique weave has titanal-like strength for dynamic and lightweight mobility. It has a balanced flex from tip to tail and helps absorb any vibration.The light core, made of paulownia reduces weight by 15% and provides a playful, lightweight agility and performance. Rossignol promises you’ll have no compromise to downhill power and stability, though.The powder turn rocker (50% high rocker, 50% low camber) is the most progressive rocker/camber profile: a balance of confident versatility and effortless float. It allows for easy steering, speed control, and grip. (To learn more: 2018 Men's Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis)

2018 Men's Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis

The 2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis 



Buckman's is also excited to carry an on-trail ski that really packs punch - the 2018 Rossignol Women's Famous 6 Skis!

These Women's Rossignol Skis have a light Paulownia core that provides lightweight agility and performance.The rocker profile is the power turn profile, making them ideal for trails. This 10% low rocker and 90% high camber will give you explosive power and full-length edge grip.The Prop Tip means quick turns and lightened swing weight.The oversized sidecut gives powerful edge grip and increased stability. This also helps you initiate turns quicker so you can ride those aggressive lines no problem.These skis allow for playful carving and are sure to be a lot of fun on the mountain! Be sure to check them out - the 2018 Rossignol Women's Famous 6 Skis!

Rossignol Famous 6 Skis with XPRESS 11 Bindings

The 2018 Rossignol Famous 6 Skis 


Your kids will be thrilled to see the line-up of 2018 Kids Rossignol Skis, including the 2018 Rossignol Frozen Skis and the 2018 Rossignol Star Wars Skis!

These graphics are sure to be a hit with the kids and make them even more excited to hit the slopes. These skis make learning easier for your little ones. They have a junior rocker profile, specifically designed to help juniors use changing terrain to their advantage and pivot, steer, and stop easily, making learning to ski more enjoyable.

2018 Rossignol Star Wars Skis

2018 Rossignol Star Wars Skis 

 2018 Rossignol Frozen Skis

 2018 Rossignol Frozen Skis

We hope you’ll stop in and pick up a pair of Rossignol skis! Who else is counting down the days until Winter? Be sure to check out these skis this winter: 2018 Mens Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis, 2018 Women's Rossignol Famous 6 Skis, 2018 Rossignol Star Wars Skis, 2018 Rossignol Frozen Skis. Check them out here and now on Buckman's website.

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