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Posted by Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Burton Step-On

Snowboarding's next evolution is almost here. Introducing Burton Step On, the most intuitive boot to binding connection for riders seeking unprecedented convenience and performance.

Burton Step-On Quick Entry System eliminates any sitting down or bending over at the top of the lift, providing a fast toe-to-heel response when riding. With uncompromised comfort and a secure fit, landings are stable and solid with your foot staying in place more so than in classic snowboard bindings. Keep reading to learn more about the new Burton Step On System.

Pre Order Here or by visiting the following links:

2018 Mens Burton Step On Bindings / Part # 172831
2018 Womens Burton Step On Bindings / Part # 172841
2018 Mens Burton Photon Step On Boots / Part # 172851
2018 Womens Burton Felix Step On Boots / Part # 172861
2018 Mens Burton Ruler Step On Boots / Part # 172871
2018 Womens Burton Limelight Step On Boots / Part # 172881

  To learn more about Burton, click here.

As one of the few exclusive retailers of Burton Step-on Boots and Bindings, we will let you know when we receive our Burton Step-On Boots and Bindings! Our target ship date is 11/2/2017 for the Burton Step On products. 

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