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How to pick the right Kids Winter Gloves

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kids Winter Gloves, Are They Important?

A snow loving child, do you happen to be the parent or caregiver? It could be anywhere from skiing to building a snowman, as long as your little one is outside he or she is happy. Part of keeping that happiness is to keep them warm. Heat loss from the body starts with the extremities. So it is most important to protect and keep what heat is already there. It starts with the proper glove or mitten choice. We have reviewed five and wanted to share. We selected them from highest to lowest price range depending on your budget.


Kids Ski Gloves 

1. Hestra Army Leather Heli Jr 3-Finger

This kids winter glove certainly earns its name of Army, as it is almost indestructible! In all areas of design, this glove is an all-around win from warmth, dexterity, and dryness. The three finger design really allows being warm and with great dexterity. The palms of the glove are extremely durable armed with Army Leather Goat Leather - this is an awesome feature but since the material is real leather it will need to be recoated here and there with waterproofing a few times to ensure dryness. The outside top part of the glove is made with Hestra’s Triton three-layer polyamide fabric, making it breathable, waterproof and windproof.

The optimal climate for this glove would be a dryer one such as Montana, Colorado, and Utah, as the waterproofing would need to be resorted a lot more in more wet-snow. Keeping this youth winter glove dry allows for the interior of these gloves to shine. Packing a punch of warmth, they have a removable Bemberg/ polyester lining, the interior of the glove is stuff with fiberfill insulation virtually providing two layers of supreme warmth. Price point comes in at $100 which is well worth the money for the longevity one would get from the material. Check out these other Hestra kids winter gloves.

Kids Winter Gloves

2. Dakine Wristgaurd JR Gloves

Are you ready for a kids glove that can do it all? Here you have it! Coming in at $49.95 the Dakine Wristgaurd Jr has it all warmth, protection, and dryness. Let’s start with warmth. This winter glove is filled with a high loft synthetic insulation and fleece lined with added warmth. What’s warmth if it can’t stay dry, right? This glove’s exterior is poly sprayed with DWR treatment - that way the handfuls of snow on the mountain that end up in your kiddos hands won’t make its way into the interior. Warmth and dryness aren’t where this glove stops either. This kids winter glove has one of most unique features a rigid removable nylon plate on the backhand and of the palm. These plates are specifically designed to reduce the range of motion and also minimize the impact of a pretty epic fall. This is an all-around win for everyone not to mention might keep you out of the ER! View more Dakine kids winter gloves.

Kids Snow Gloves

3. The North Face Youth Montana

The North Face has really covered all areas with this glove. For just $45 you can really have it all and then some. Let’s start with the interior. The palm of this glove is packed with 100g of The North Face’s very own insulation called Heatseeker. This insulation is North Face’s synthetic insulation which maintains a high level of weight to warmth ratio. This company has really thought this through - there is added insulation on the back of a hand to help increase blood flow. The exterior of this kids snow glove is armed with one of best materials in the business, Gore-Tex. Ensuring the material in directed contact with the snow is both breathable and waterproof. The North Face didn’t stop there; they designed this glove with what they call Radiometric Articulation, a design of the glove that keeps the hand in a natural relaxed position. View The North Face's Kids Snow Gloves

4. Burton Profile Glove

The Profile glove has perfected every feature you would need for your little one without breaking the bank, priced at only $26.95! Packed with Burton’s Thermacore insulation bringing in excellent warmth without limiting mobility due to its low bulk. Making sure that insulation stays nice and dry Burton covered the shell of this glove with their very own Dryride 2-layer Fabric allowing it to be waterproof and breathable.

5. Northern Ridge Polar Bear Glove

Do you have a little one that no matter what manages to lose a glove every winter? Are you and your wallet tired of replacing them? This brand has managed to make bring in warmth and dryness to kiddos for a killer price! Sitting on the shelves at $23.96, they are perfect for kids. The interior of the glove is made with packed with poly-blend insulation. The exterior is made with a Taslan Nylon fabric. This allows the glove to be breathable, also wind and water resistant making it comfortable to wear and not feeling like your wearing plastic! Only at Buckman's is where you will find this quality glove at our very affordable kid's snow glove price!



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