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SporTube Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Plastic Carry Case

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SporTube Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Plastic Carry Case

Damaged Gear is NOT an option!

Whether checking or shipping, protect your gear with the limited production, Lindsey Vonn Special Edition Sportube, the World’s best Ski & Snowboard travel case. All ‘Lindsey Vonn Special Edition’ Sportube cases come with the versatile, multi-use Nik Nac Pac, the ergonomic, back saving Easy Pull handle, the TSA airline compliant combination padlock and a brand new Manufacturers Limited lifetime warranty. (Series 3 also comes with Strap & Band Kit.)

High density polyethylene plastic case protects skis, snowboards and sporting equipment while traveling by plane, train, automobile or shipping via FedEx/UPS etc. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable. Sportube can be checked with the airlines or shipped with FedEx/UPS if you want to avoid the hassles of the airline check in process.


  • Nik Nack Pac
  • Easy Pull Handle
  • TSA Cable Lock
  • Lifetime Warranty