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Camelbak Elixir - 12 Tablet Pack

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Camelbak is taking on-the-go hydration to a whole new level. Camelbak Elixir turns water into a refreshing hydration drink that provides the electrolytes, vitamins and minerals your body thirsts.


+ Enhanced Hydration: a unique blend of sodium and elctrolytes helps you hydrate faster
+ Easy to Clean: with NO SUGAR, there's no sticky reservoir to clean-up
+ Easy to Use: each effervescent tablet dissolves completly to make 24 fl. oz., eliminating mixing and measuring hassles forever
+ Highly Portable: small, leight-weight tube makes for easy hydration on-the-go

(Contains No Fruit Juice)

Directions For Use:

Drop one tablet into every 24 fl. oz of water
Dissolves without mixing